Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Let it be known that at least one Chicago youth is certainly a member of th Bavarian Illuminati.

I subbed a third grade art class today, & said student set about to draw a dollar bill, & in doing so he drew first a rectangle to contain th essense of dollarhood, & then th quite terrifying Great Seal of th United States of America, th Pyramid-&-Eye symbol. Th students around him made comments illustrating their confusion - why would someone draw a pyramid on a dollar? Why indeed.

Clearly, th student does th doings of th Bavarian Illuminati, whose symbol th Pyramid-&-Eye truly is.

My solution to this epidemic: FNORD thine dollars - in pen, do write FNORD on th Great Seal of every dollar that crosses your path, thus nullifying ill effects of Illuminism & pooping on Greyface.


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