Monday, February 19, 2007

Chaoflux, ya'll.

I hope y'all're having a joy-joy-joygasmic Chaoflux in this here Season of Chaos in th Year of Our Lady of Discord 3173! 'Tis a Setting Orange, so find something Orange to do to celebrate. My plan was to celebrate th Chaoflux by releasing th first issue of th Great Book of Befuddlement (whose cover was to be orange), but instead, I'm postponing its release so it can be bigger, badder, & more befuddling for All. Maybe I'll release it on th first of Discord, or maybe some other lovely Discordian date. But durnnit, I shall release!

I recommend th book Prometheus Rising & also th Illuminatus! Trilogy for all with eyes for th seeing. Th Wisdomatics Inherent do doings in my brain.

Do you like th new way of appearance of this blog of Androse? I never thought it would happen, but somehow I got weary of looking at poop-green. 'Tis dots that be.

p.s. For Eros do give upon mine blog fnords, which are like comments but better. It is th loving wu-wei.

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