Thursday, October 12, 2006

to think of World Turtles mating

I'v ben throing dice & stealng words & frases from books for poems, & posibly lyrics (no poems yet set to music as of this momnt). Som of them ar betr than othrs. I'm going to rite them out for yr enjoymnt, startng here with my persnl favrit:

to think of World Turtles mating we asked Thord. It means that-
man called Hrapp, an I Don't Care-
diffidently as Black wants to to vegetable state--Emergency measure-
them warmly. They asked if You would have to settle-
at each other Broken 2 were somewhat carries a breath came through the time out his mouth, nose and-
this nervously and shifting from vodka 1/2 oz. triple sec-
and you, hear glass 1/2 oz. bourbon and it has spawned a girls sweetest of [gray] White plays 1 in Dia. his psychosis this L.A. jaunt, I also sure that the-
thought like [off-white]-
in a pair of green Black 2. Since Violence belongs to Twoflower here, said-
VENUS and the green-
Who? Quién I would rather said Golden liqueur is traditional--hence fortified wines named for lowball glass. 1 1/2 oz. removed from the city more have struck the regions wherein Yes, Larry, how you're on the right, push first-
but didn't share the contact-
then we're threatened, also at-
The sea on the left side and-
see I musn't at each other over Of course, we innovatins quite-
Heavy recorded, wrote the group's twelve years old we can say we've-
know revealed, but not as know, I dry vermouths. Serve the Seventeenth century film tracks

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