Monday, October 16, 2006

rite verses to my song!


I startd workng on a song today. It's very repetitiv, rathr droning. I like it, I think. It wud break up a Nim set nicely. It consists of lots of verses, al soundng rathr th same, and no othr sections. I rote about 8 verses so far today onto index cards (I do lov index cards!) and improvised many mor than 8 (they ar especialy easy to improvise). Th idea is that each time I play th song, I wud select som verses at randm from my pile o' cards and posbly improvise som new ones as wel. Here ar som verses I'v got (selectd, yes, at randm):


popldee & popldum
th one that gos to bed
this old bed protects me
& it ancrs down my hed
hed of flowrs, hed of wales
hed of thinkng things
nothng els is fethrd
but these aplbery wings


these flowrs taste like ancrs
in th bely of a wale
my wale of forgetfulness
won't help a sailman sail
I'm sailng in an opn sore
I'm sailng in th dust
th dust of this cold city
not th coldness that I trust


panda-lovng Dr. Doo
he puts one in his hat
a hat of fethrs, beads & rice
& stolen from a cat
th cat she is a clevr one
& now she plots revenj
cold revenj against th sun
at razr's crookd ej


ragd bankrs look at me
as if I did them in
inside stegosaurus jenes
hav faln on my skin
skind alive & left for ded
but wearng a tupee
sobng bloody tears of joy
it seems we'l be ok

and so on and so on forevr.


These verses ar realy easy and fun to rite, and I'd lov to hav som wondrful frends submit som for me to use! That wud be way cool. I wud sing it, I promise!

Here's how to rite one:

First of al, it dosn't hav to be "about" anything, and probly shudn't be. It's not a song "about" anything, it's just kind of dreamy and stranj.

Each verse has 4 frases, wich I like to rite on 2 lines each, making it 8 lines total. Each frase has th same rythm:

these flowrs taste like ancrs
in th bely of a wale

etc. etc.

Ther ar rymng words. Basically, th last words in th first 2 frases must rym, and th last words in th secnd 2 frases must rym: AABB.


Also, th last word in th first 3 frases must be repeatd in th beginng of th next frase:


Wen a word repeats, it dosn't hav to be ryt away (othr words may intrvene in th line), and it dosn't hav to be th same form (exampl from abov: ...thinkng things / nothing else... "things" is repeatd as th word "nothing".)

So to put those ryms and repeatd words togethr in one diagram:


So here's one last exampl. I wil indicate for u wich words ar wich.

litl nose of leprosy
I found in my suit COAT [rym1/word1]
a COAT [word1] of arms to honr me
& tie me to my GOAT [rym1/word2]
GOATish [word2] songs & goatish names
I herd them in th PARK [rym2/word3]
PARK [word 3] them next to Adam
& he'l feed them to his LARK [rym2]

Send me verses & I wil sing them!

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