Saturday, October 7, 2006

Gallery Cabaret OM 2

Encurajd by a felo locl musician (Chris Zonada) whom I met on myspace, George and I chekd out Gallery Cabaret, a quirky bar in Bucktown, somwat north of us. It was his first time ther, and my secnd. We each playd; George rokd. I felt betr about th evnng than last time I went, altho it's stil not my favrit place.

I playd:

.. 5 songs of fish
.. stripes
.. Pablo

No real news on th band. I havn't met with anyone yet, altho I may be meetng with som folks next week. Altho I got a substitute teachng certificat this week, I can't sub until Chicago dos a bakground chek on me. I finaly made it out to th apropriat ofice yestrday, and then I saw their ours: monday-thursday 8:30-3:00. Yestrday was a friday. Ah wel.

I need to get new inr tubes for my bike today. Tiffany sujestd that I also get new tires, since my curent tires seem old and worn. Wen I hav lots of mony, I may invest in one of these bikes!

Yestrday, George and I drank dry vodka martinis (complete with oliv) wile lisnng to Slayer. I was an altogethr enjoybl experience.

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