Friday, October 13, 2006

Jazz It Cafe OM 1

I found my very first cofee-hous opn mic tonyt, and as exiting as it was to finly no I don't hav to hang out in bars to get herd, it was somwat disapointng. For one thing, I was th only performr presnt othr than th host. Tiffany and Jordan came along, tho, and seemd to enjoy it. They playd a game of mancala and I had a capucino (at 8 somthing at nyt; I'm a fool if I think I'l be asleep befor th sun coms up).

I did this:

.. th posm [words by J. Coolidge, presnt in th room)
.. Nimland [request] > lov song 5
.. 5 songs of fish
.. 2G's [request]
.. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of


Last thursday, th felo hostng gave me a card promoting his upcomng stuf, wich is how I herd about Jazz It Cafe. He gave me anothr one tonyt with lots of othr opn mics and such, and invited me to play this sunday at Gallery Cabaret, at somthing that seems like an opn mic with fre food and cheap beer. Perhaps I'l be ther.

This satrday wil be fun. I wil eithr go to a party (George and I hav ben invited!) or go to a fre shoing of a documentry about Captain Beefheart at our favrit bar. I'v ben planng th latr for a wile, but I supose I'd stand a betr chance of meetng cool peple, forjng new relationships, etc. at th party. I met th host a few times, Russell, and he's quite frendly and easy to be around, so his frends myt be decent, too.

I hope my loyl readrs hav enjoyd my randmized poetry. I think potential exists in this, and I plan to continu exploring.

Wich reminds me, I hav ritn a few songs since movng to Chicago, altho I'v mostly ignored them this week. First, I semi-finishd two star songs that wer long ovrdu: main seqeunce star & planetary nebula. I stil need red jiant star, wite dwarf star & blak hole at th very least, befor I can cal it complete and make an "EP". Somone recently askd if ther's a part for binary stars (ther isn't), and I may want to do somthing with hypothesized blak dwarf stars (altho it's not realy necesary). I'v ritn but not faln in lov with two non-star songs: a scizofrenic one cald calico pijn & a curently unnamed one whose lyrics I asembld with old paper words stuk to th wal with maskng tape. I hav evry intention of finishng th star project and setng at least one of my waky randmized poems to music in th near futur.

Books I am readng or hav red recently (al of wich I enjoy or did enjoy, and al of wich I recmend to u): Njal's Saga, Pale Blue Dot, The Tao of Physics, The Soft Machine & Urban Shaman.

Dice that I drool ovr, like th sily nerd that I am:

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