Monday, October 30, 2006

Hotti Biscotti OM 3

George and I finaly made it bak to our favrit bar last week:

.. lov song 6
.. Maroon Dots
.. 2G's
.. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of

I got cool plastic noisy things for my spokes!

I'm runng out of mony and stil don't hav a job! (But at least I can cut spel...)

Tonyt, George and I wer planng to go to Subterranean, an ok opn mic at a quite trendy litl bar. I think it's stil th plan, altho I havn't seen or spoken to him yet.

These ar th names of al th songs I'v ritn since movng to Chicago:

.. how to ferment th colon
.. drone
.. to think of WTM
.. main sequence star
.. planetary nebula

I havn't debud any yet, but ther they ar. Th two new star songs need companions befor they ar performbl.

I havn't gotn any gigs, nor hav I tryd to recently. I think ryt now, wile I hav 53 minuts left on this library computr, I'l send out anothr email or two about it. I'v felt somwat lazy and uninspired about it.

My mom sent me green tea from th Daily Grind! I can stil taste th green goodness of yum.

George and I playd a drawng game that I can't beleve I nevr playd with Amy/Beth etc. bak in NY. It's cald Exquisite Corpse, and it works by each persn drawng a section and covrng up most of th drawng, then th next persn drawng anothr section and doing th same, then unfoldng wen th paje is fild. In NY, we did play a words/drawng version quite a bit, cald Eat Poop You Cat, and that was plenty fun, and we did som of these wile lookng a few times for th Rocketship and such. Anyway, doing it with just drawng is rathr splendid. George and I ar planng to make a larjr and mor colorful one with index cards to decorate th apartmnt with. It givs me ideas for ways to rite lyrics with othr peple in index cardly Thresdholdistic ways.

P.S. Be frends with Threshold of Pain on myspace!

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