Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I did a bibliomantic divination using James Joyce's Finnegans Wake this afternoon on th train. Basically, that means I pointed to a random line on a random page & made note of it to see what advice it offers. I got th following, from page 572:

Live well! Iniivdluaritzas! Tone!

Perhaps it represents a call to enjoy myself & pay attention to sound & color.

[This I set out to do as I wandered in wonder around th Shedd Aquarium today. If you want to experience pure absurd beauty, watch an octopus move from point A to point B; what a ridiculously beautiful world, this!]

As for Iniivdluaritzas! who knows? I came up with an anagram:

vain lizard suit I!

Joyce may not have meant that, but I do like it.

This may represent th beginning of a larger project. I've got lots of little divination systems that amuse me. I tentatively mapped six of them to th six sides of a die for potential use:

1 .. Deck of Lies

[Th Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley consists of 93 chapters & their commentaries; I created a deck of 93 cards allowing me to select from th chapters at random.]

2 .. I Ching
3 .. Tarot
4 .. 8 colors of magick

[Peter Carroll proposes an 8-dimensional model of various "magicks" - I'd roll a D8 to pick one magick to focus on for that day: pure, war, thinking, sex, ego, love, wealth, death.]

5 .. Finnegan's Wake
6 .. 6 Reality Tunnels

[Another Peter Carroll idea. See MUSICK.]

I won't adhere to this too strictly; I'll allow for spontenaity & probably change this mapping as I go. In fact, I have already found that combining th Deck of Lies with th 8 magicks works quite well, so I may combine those on th map & put something else on it. I welcome suggestions.

[I may eventually add Ifa, an African system of 256 stories related to Santeria & Voudou, to th mix, when I aquire this book.]

I do all this to disorder my personal universe & create new pathways for spontaneous growth & other pretentious-sounding twaddle. Also for something to do. Don't call me superstitious; I remain agnostic about everything everywhere.

[Everything is stupid & meaningless, & I fucking love it!]

I hope you've had a ludicrous 23rd of May (Slave Time)!
Much love to all,
~Androse th Nim

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