Monday, May 7, 2007

Androse th Pagan

I have a delightfully not-insane submarining class today.

I started a new belief experiment (I stopped assigning Tarot Card Programs for each day). I base it on Peter Carroll's idea of Random Belief. He identifies six basic beliefs, which he says occur in humans cyclically. Six "to permit the use of the sacred cube," in other words, a six-sided die. He gives:

Dice Option Number 1: Paganism
Dice Option Number 2: Monotheism
Dice Option Number 3: Atheism
Dice Option Number 4: Nihilism (Late Atheism)
Dice Option Number 5: Chaoism
Dice Option Number 6: Superstition (Low Chaoism)

Yesterday, I rolled a 3, Atheism. I found it pretty easy, since I've spent many a happy day in this reality tunnel anyway. I used th mantra, "Let's stick to what's real, shall we?" I bought a book on Chaos Theory.

Today, I rolled a 1, Paganism, & so I've spent my time searching & finding Gods & Goddesses everywhere. Here's what I've got in my files so far:

Oogwee - God of Peanuts
yellow monkey head - metal teeth - speaks by telepathy

Meligoopf - Goddess of Lapsang Souchong
thick woman of vines - dark brown with orange flecks - loud raspy laugh

Lemibush - Deity of Unexpectedly Finding Things
hermaphrodite - crocidile shoulders - triangular - 19 eyes - gray skin

Soppit - Deith of Tables
hermaphrodite - 1/3 Sponge - 1/3 Sand - 1/3 Weasel

Chorlibar - Goddess of Green Tables
long & flat - scaley & hairy - squeaky voice - favorite number is nine

Hexbemmir - God of Forgotten Lunches
demon with three mouths - pink balloon belly - 777 teeth - large, fluffy, white beard, like marshmallow - dainty earrings

& th list continues.

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