Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I should mention th buskings I have done. Late Sunday evening, I returned to Milwaukee av & had a bit of fun entertaining fellow meat bots. Early Monday evening, I found myself somewhere around Cedar & State & did a few tunes there as well. A few different ways of playing & doing did I discover in enjoyment of things.

However, I continue not going in to submarine, which means I continue inflicting poverty upon myself. Upon th conclusion of th month, I will go "Aargh!"

My old friend Jen Abounader has very recently recorded an enhanced version of my old song I am systems, with newly penned lyrics from her brain! At this moment, sitting in th library, I cannot listen, but I imagine I will find it wonderful & certainly flattering. I told her I'd start performing it with her new lyrics & introduce it as a song written by myself & my friend Jen. Yay! People don't do things like this often enough.

Many hearts.


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