Saturday, May 5, 2007

sinus caverns

I suffer from a tricksy cold. As soon as I start to feel awesome, a new symptom will thrust itself upon me - a stuffy ear, a hacking cough, a headache. What fun this isn't.

I missed a few days of work last week, which for me means a smaller check. Th size of my check doesn't serve as my only impetus for living, but I find it frustrating that I don't maintain control of my health. I'd rather take days off from work to do fun projects, play great musicks on th streets, write that novel [hee hee], &tc. Instead, I lie around feeling sorry for myself & guilty for not working & messing with George's days off. =Poop!

Potter Stewart that! No more bumming for me! I will only do work & fun - no more Burgering around! Egad!

Consider that my Eris-o-Magickal Cantation. No more wasties! Begone, thou foul demon that infects mine sinus caverns! Away to Boomland for you! Egad!

I seal this Cantation with a hearty FNORD.



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