Friday, May 18, 2007

PE & Stuff

Phys. Ed. for me today, which actually means making kids sit & watch educational videos. It makes for a pretty laid-back day, which I don't mind. Got some seventh graders coming in any second now. . . .

I return after hosting seventh, eighth, & third graders for more sit-in-your-chairs-&-don't-get-up fun. Not so bad. I've got fifth graders coming in 45 minutes or so, but I feel ready to hit th hay right now.


I did some work on an album of all new Nimmery last night. A few weeks back I improvised music to 23 nonsensical poems I wrote, playing & singing whatever seemed inappropriate at th time. Now I have th challenge of figuring out what I played so I can add bass, percussion & Stuff. I deconstructed & bassified six of them last night, which represents a good start, I think.

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