Saturday, March 31, 2007


I stopped by Mercury Cafe last night for th poetry open mic, & found out that I'd have a much larger & more attentive audience at this place if I were a poet & not a songwriter. Th whole scene amused me, & I'd consider returning. I read a thing I put together a few months back called ON AN OILY MOON. Of course, as at music open mics, I represented th only person doing something different from your typical American freeverse cliche. Which isn't to say that their stuff was "bad" & mine was "good," just that I didn't fit in.



Stalk with orgasmic futility skies on an oily moon. Shrink skies, stalk butterflies! Butter stalk, shrink butterflies; skies, butter with orgasmic futility. Shrink butter on an oily moon! Butterflies (with orgasmic futility on an oily moon) stalk.


Pomegranate seeds, in the way of seeing the bandits hidden, seeing: wearing chain mail in the way of the bandits wearing chain mail. Pistols hidden, wearing chain mail, pomegranate seeds. The bandits' pistols, seeing pomegranate seeds, pistols in the way of hidden pomegranate seeds.


Sleeping through Sunday, a blind horse scatterings. Kimberly touches, sleeping through Sunday, thinks about a blind horse. Kimberly sleeping through Sunday scatterings, the sound of new hay. Kimberly thinks about the sound of new hay, touches scatterings, thinks about touches. A blind horse, the sound of new hay, sleeping through Sunday.


A panda exquisitely flees with rice. The president's imaginary daughter exquisitely with rice confuses, flees. A panda in Mexico confuses exquisitely in Mexico; the president's imaginary daughter flees! In Mexico, with rice, a panda confuses the president's imaginary daughter. A panda?


Butterflies: skies shrink, stalk on an oily moon butterflies with orgasmic futility. Skies stalk butter, shrink butterflies. Butter with orgasmic futility: shrink on an oily moon skies. Butter on an oily moon with orgasmic futility: stalk butterflies.


Scatterings: a blind horse sleeping through Sunday touches scatterings sleeping through Sunday. Thinks about, touches a blind horse, Kimberly, scatterings, the sound of new hay. Kimberly touches the sound of new hay, thinks about a blind horse. The sound of new hay sleeping through Sunday; Kimberly thinks about scatterings.


And fishes explosive, bent! And fishes in time cut Charlotte's legs! A lapel button and fishes, Charlotte's legs, explosive! A lapel button bent Charlotte's legs in time! Explosive cut, a lapel button in time, bent, cut, and fishes!


Exquisitely, with rice, confuses in Mexico, flees, confuses the president's imaginary daughter. In Mexico, a panda (the president's imaginary daughter), with rice (in Mexico exquisitely) - a panda confuses, exquisitely flees. A panda (with rice) flees the presdent's imaginary daughter, exquisitely.


The bandits seeing in the way of wearing chain mail? Hidden pomegranate seeds, pistols wearing chain mail seeing pomegranate seeds wearing chain mail? The bandits' pistols, in the way of hidden, seeing pistols hidden? The bandits in the way of pomegranate seeds? The bandits?


Bent and fishes, a lapel button explosive, cut in time explosive! Bent, cut, Charlotte's legs and fishes, in time bent a lapel button! Charlotte's legs, explosive and fishes, cut a lapel button! In time, Charlotte's legs bent!


On an oily moon, butter: shrink skies with orgasmic futility. Butter, butterflies stalk. Shrink with orgasmic futility on an oily moon, shrink, butterflies, on an oily moon. Skies stalk with orgasmic futility butterflies. Skies butter, stalk on an oily moon.

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