Tuesday, March 20, 2007

my ad on craigslist

I am a Chicagoan in seek of fellow ABSURDIST SONGWRITERS interested in:

thru such techniques as:

. . . randomly generating song elements from dice, playing cards, divination, etc.
. . . setting others' words to music - writing words to others' music (& vice versa).
. . . cutting up lyrics & song elements to recombine them in surprising ways.
. . . intuitive / "automatic" techniques of composition.
. . . constrained poetry (eg. palindromes, writing without the letter "e", etc.).
. . . writing songs/poems using surrealist techniques such as writing two lines & concealing the first, then giving the other person the page & having him/her do the same thing.
. . . converting non-musical phenomena into sound.

thru such techniques as:

. . . collecting sounds to use in unique ways.
. . . cutting up sounds randomly & reassembling them.
. . . separately recording different tracks to go with the same backing track & playing them together.
. . . improvising multi-layered pop songs from the ground up.

on the street, at open mics, at clubs
which feature (for example):

. . . group improvisation outside of "stylistic" limitations.
. . . live chance recombination of prepared material.
. . . live performance of musical "games".
. . . creating & performing on multiple instruments, including assemblages from "non-musical" paraphernalia, i.e. junk.
. . . mythical storytelling elements.
. . . dramatic (operatic!) elements such as costumes, characters & plots.
. . . performing absurdist rituals that involve the audience & players in unpredictable ways.


I'm not talking about a jam band or a free jazz combo. I'm talking about a vehicle of super-musical chaos worship.

I'm ready to try anything, & I'm looking for other people who are, too - People who revel in PARADOX - People who say nothing is true & everything is permitted - People who, in the area of making noise, are simultaneously RIDICULOUSLY SERIOUS & SERIOUSLY RIDICULOUS.

If some of what I've described excites you, then let's get together & see what we can do.


Contact: Andrew
315 657 6839
gtrpkt AT yahoo DOT com

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Anonymous said...

dear andrew,

i will be designing society in urbana by this fall, and i will be able to seriously pursue a more geographically-synchronous collaboration. i want to get myself into writing text. in the meantime, some alternatives:

help me design society
• write a 17-tone piano piece by may and we'll play it.
• transcribe bird songs