Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mercury OM 2 / Discordant Discord

Aloha, mein Freunden!

'Twas at Mercury Cafe on th night of yester that I did play Nimly things. I enjoyed times at place in doings.

.. glockenspiels [request]
.. ant lizard dragon man [lyrics by Scotthew McMarshalldrew]
.. stelr nursery > baby star > brown dwarf
.. Pablo
.. lov song 6

Friendlies George & Frank said th sound system exhibited special friendliness towards me & th Blue Demon, particularly in th area of ringing overtones of awesomeness. Fun enveloped.


'Tis on this day th First of th Season of Discord, Discord 1, in th Year of Our Lady Of Discord 3173. Let us celebrate in joyfulship funhaving wonderpuppies! Let us eat, drink & be confounding! Let us Hail Eris Esoteric - may her fiery totems ever elucidate(!!!!!)

I hope to celebrate later today with a nap & some peanuts.

Hi oo lac!

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