Friday, March 2, 2007

Mercury OM 1

Hi & yes & hello. I indeed forgot to mention th latest in open mic happenings of late in lateness-time. Two days prior to this day (Wednesday, a.k.a. Prickle-Prickle) I did Nimmings 'pon th stage of happenings at Mercury Cafe, a place that is. At such time, I played among two others & did meetings of a gentleman named Frank whilst drinking a tea called King Crimson. Let it be known that I enjoyed th doings of th evening & would return to th place of th doings.

Here are th bits:

.. how to ferment the colon
.. 5 songs of fish
.. chupacabra
.. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of
.. prickle-prickle [indeed it was prickle-prickle this time]

This coffee house I do make enjoyments of, as it locates 'pon th route of my goings. Coffee I often get in mornings. Today, a song didst play 'pon th stereo of th place & thus did I recognize it to be Mellotron by Porcupine Tree & I thought of friendlies.

I dreamed that I ingested a strong hallucinogen in th form of mustard-butter & then got a haircut.

If any bodies think of soon-visits, I have a mandatory week off from April 2 to 6. If no visits do doings, I may indeed spend times singing muchly on streets of Chi-town wearing ties & hats.

That alls.

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