Thursday, March 15, 2007

5 from Apotheosis Psycherotica

5 excerpts from Apotheosis Psycherotica, a Discordian Fnordical.

~ from The Book of the Cryptic by Bryan Speigel ~

Chapter 4: Ducks
"Whaling can be a hard business,"
I said to the man as he engulfed a package of mints.
He turned and looked at me like a fish out of mud
then ran as if his bowels had congealed.

~ from The Book of Sex by Sarah Sinclair ~

Chapter 4: The Call to Arana
It is one thing to believe that lust and desire is for Arana, it is quite another matter to willfully and wontonly pursue her in fetish-sex, and receive fully her divine pleasure of Orgasm. While it is dogma that Arana issues a call to all beings, it is also dogma that most disregard that call. This is where the Normal falls to Normality and manifests his ugly apathy toward the love and awesome pleasure of Arana, turning instead toward the numbing death of Nothink.

~ from The Book of Funnel E. Funny by Sam the Butcher ~

Chapter 2: This again?
Oh plushy
plushy plushy plushy
Sitting on the shelf
soft and moist...
Hey! Who dumped water on my toys?
I'll smack the bitch-ho who did this!
Oh my poor plushy

~ from The Second Book of Chuff by Chuff ~

Chapter 13: Have an ice day!
For I am the great psychotic,
and I have spurted forth more words
to guide you toward enlightenment.
Go forth unto the public,
and confuse all who will be confused.
So suggests the ducks.

~ from The Book of K-Wac by Stillwell Stainal ~

Chapter 6: The Next Day
A cat jumped up into my lap.
"Hi, I'm Chuff's cat."
"Well, aren't you a nad-zoinker," said I.
She left.

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