Wednesday, January 17, 2007

subdate & Erisomatics

By the by, subbing has felt less unpleasant lately. Yesterday, I subbed second grade at a very cool little magnet school for little math-heads(=yay!). On the other hand, I've been receiving fewer calls; today and last Wednesday, they didn't call me in. Work isn't guaranteed, but it does kind of suck not to get it.

In other news, I've been brainstorming for an original pseudo-shamanistic Discordian Zine! I have lots of ideas rolling around. Let me share five of them:

1. Discordian weather forecasts: .. Magnets, with an 87% Chance of Iron Filings .. Cold Showers and Screaming .. Void .. 30% Chance of Survival .. Pungent Erisomatic Wind Bits.
2. The I, Chicken, a Discordian divination system involving tossing pog-like icons of chickens (which you cut out of the zine with scissors or lasers) and reading your fortune from the results. Bonus points if hairs from your carpet or floor get stuck on your chicken pogs.
3. The Holy Limerick.
4. The Golden Tongue of Eris, another cut-out (I'll make a page of cut-outs in every issue) which you carry around with you and put near your brain, so Eris can gradually devour you. This is for new member initiation.
5. Erisomatic Astrology. The POEE calendar, supplied in the first and holiest of Discordian documents, the Principia Discordia, provides ingredients for an easy way to determine a person's Discordian "sign". I suggest you simply add the element for the day of the week you were born on (Sweetmorn: Sweet; Boomtime: Boom; Pungenday: Pungent; Prickle-Prickle: Prickle; Setting Orange: Orange) with the season you were born in (Chaos; Discord; Confusion; Bureaucracy; Aftermath) for a total of 25 possible signs. My sign (and also Eric Fauss', Beckey Dewing's and Brian Cavanaugh's) would be Orange Confusion. George's would be Pungent Discord. What's your sign??

Then, I would write new fortunes for each sign in each issue.

And those are five of my ideas at this moment.

All Hail Eris Esoteric, May Her Fiery Totems Ever Elucidate!

P.S. Friends and Comrades are all welcome to contribute to the upcoming Zine! I think everything absurd and/or surreal could be made to fit. I'm going to put randomized poetry, drawings and things in there. (I think the Great Wisdomatics would fit splendidly.) I hope to have regular contributions from other people; I just need to find the people and get them interested.

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You spelled my name wrong, jerk!

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