Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Chicago hello

Again, Chicago envelopes me in its beautiful urban stinky-walls. I do like it here; my life weirds. I worked twice this week: yesterday with second graders and today with fourth. Tomorrow, I've been invited to return to today's school to continue assisting a teacher. I don't know how helpful or necessary I act in the position, and I suspect CPS would not find it legit to use a sub as a teacher aide (rather than a replacement for someone absent), but I shall plan to return. Eric of Fauss visits on the Day of Thurs.


Also! tomorrow (in case I forget to tell you) [some of] we Discordians have declared it Backwards Day, Reformed and/or Binary Day:

[This info I steal from discordia.loveshade.org]


January 10 (10 Chaos): Backwards Day, Reformed (more properly, demrofeR, yaD sdrawkcaB) (O)/(DD). Day to do things backwards. Walk backwards, dress backwards, talk backwards. (Driving backwards on a busy freeway is not recommended. In some jurisdictions, it’s not advisable to wear a back-less dress or thong bikini backwards. But it could be fun). Doing or wearing things inside out or upside down also count. Check your favorite recordings for backwards masking. Pray to sirE. Hate what you love, love what you hate. This is also a good day to switch positions with a superior or inferior as described for April Fool’s Day. Children can tell their parents, “Go clean your room and do your homework,” and parents can tell their children, “If you don’t eat your dessert, you won’t get any vegetables.” Unless, of course, that’s your usual pattern. (Note that we chose this date as Backwards Day because both the Gregorian and Discordian Dates can be written as 01 10 or 10 01, both of which are the same backwards.)

January 10 (10 Chaos): Binary Day (DD). For those who recognize January 26 as Backwards Day. It’s basically the same holiday, but focuses more on the bi part.


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