Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Great Wisdomatics

Inspired, perhaps, by the glorious Lapsang Souchang wonderfullized by the Daily Grind in TroyNY, AmyBethNick&I made Great Wisdomatics in the fields of goodly maths & erotic maths for to maybe someday find musictacular uses in the doings. I provide for you below some lovely & remarkable excerpts from the Great Wisdomatics:

Great Wisdomatics of Nick.

4 + delta = hamburger

if your apricot is yellow then yes please!

19 is the sin of your mind cabbage

6 + 19 = pee pee toucher

Great Wisdomatics of Amy.

toes sometimes always have feet unless goats fly above in the stratosphere.

if goggle + feet = skort then lobbsters have toes
if there are toes then there is a high fingertip ratio
therefore by the transitive property of equality skorts have a high fingertip ratio

globby(globby + glu) + peeeee(fingertips)globby^2 + globby glu + peeefingertips

Great Wisdomatics of Beth.

2. feet pud

3. o'er fungus piles = the function of juxtaposed ninnies inside a walrus carcass inside Joey inside Joey if he were a Siamese twin having Joey inside inside inside the frequency of ghost intercourse two hundred fifty nine fold

5. humping geological carcasses = brothers of inebriation on top of the lady = humping cannibalistic lactaid = penetration of Susan B Anthony = erect wondermagick

Great Wisdomatics of me.

nine hundreds of wine is metal
scratching of six times is bellow
pummelling the x sub bathtub is quail
therefore gloves

tri-dangle plus bi-centaurian over rectumble
equals or doesn't one-teen Q
penta-grape of wax hexcapades minus negative well-hung butter squid equals the cucumber root of ape
nine is nine scumwards

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