Friday, July 8, 2005

The Same Thing You're Always Talking About

objects rotate in the rain
I know it’s the same thing you’re always talking about
I’m mentioning it to you now
look outside for yourself

freckled stalks of alibis
coming inside
coffee and beans
looking fast and faster booking
crepes and sauce
fickle and steam

fowl creation in the grinding nights
little relaxed-teeth camera
everyone is sad to be leaving town for a while
cutlery moon
a strain on the rose-up staff
staffing my room with paragraphs
falcon toast truth night

daily grind
grinding down
winding my head neck around
bending the light around my head
oblivious flies
why do they stare at me?
bending a kind word from a friend
welcome back the sun flies

strain the rose-up color guard
strain the rose-up high

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