Thursday, July 14, 2005

Nim at the Grind open mic

I played some tunes at the Grind open mic tonight with my old and still-broken mandolin. I had to stop to tune after two strings randomly and without warning went incredibly out, but other than that, I thought it went very well! I played one five-song medley:

- E Blue Apparatus -> Rules to Stone Game -> Deposit One Tangelo -> 25% More Monster -> Vegetables You've Never Heard Of

Scott came along for the second week in a row, bringing with him brother Greg, friends Vicky and Chuck, and Greg's girlfriend Kristen (spelling uncertain). They were nice to see and meet and so on! I like when friends meet friends.

I also met a bunch of other cool open mic regulars. The Grind open mic continues to be a wonderful thing. Anybody reading this who can make it to Troy, NY on Thursdays between 8 and 11:30 needs to come on out! What fun!

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