Thursday, July 14, 2005

old mando, rock the world

I got my mandolin back today, not fixed, as I've decided not to invest in it at this time. (I have a new one coming soon, though!) Anyway, even though it still won't stay in tune (and the action is awfully high), I really enjoyed having a mandolin again, and I started brushing up on my tunes. I played a few songs on Rock the World, Teo Acosta's Wednesday night W.R.P.I. radio show. It was really nice to play again!

- Javelin Head -> 25% More Monster
- Let Me In Your Hole

Tomorrow night I'm definitely playing at open mic at the Daily Grind in downtown Troy. I was planning to improvise on electric guitar, but since I have a mandolin now, I'll probably do Nimstuff instead! I may change my mind about the instrument closer to the time, but at any rate, I'll be there and I'll play! Yay for mandolins!


P.S. I may have finally finished the inevitable song "Hello, Will You Be My Sheep?" I have a few other songs that I've been itching to write as well, so we'll see what happens. A rock opera about onions I see in my distant future! Hearts!

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