Tuesday, July 5, 2005

guitar, jam-downs


I'm in disbelief that I still don't have an estimate on my mandolin. I decided to stop whining about it though, and play some of the guitars that I have lying around. It's actually been nice! A few years ago, when I first picked up a cheap mandolin, the guitar had become stale and lifeless in my hands, but the mandolin breathed with new purpose. Today, the guitar feels like a new instrument entirely, and I've been delighted to become reacquainted! (However, I do still miss my mandolin and feel incomplete without it.)

So I've been using guitars in some jams, first electric with Scott Marshall, in which we scavenged in the mystical caverns of Elsewhere (played weird), and then acoustic yesterday (July 4) with Dave Shaver and friends by the Hudson River waterfront. My third out-of-self guitar experience will be playing a song at open mic this Thursday at the Daily Grind on 3rd street in downtown Troy. I've been writing something weird just for the occasion, and I'm looking forward to confounding people!

Hope to see some friends there!

Love to all,

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