Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Nim at Daisy Baker's open mic

'Twas the first night of open mic at Daisy Baker's, on 2nd street in Troy. Steve Candlen is hosting a Monday night thingy at this restaurant/bar, and I played a set to an audience of mostly middle-aged bar-people. I wasn't their favorite, but it was fun! I debuted a song and experimented with more extended improvisation in Member of the Real (which propelled me into a spontaneous medley). All-in-all, successful for me, even if the audience was mostly indifferent or annoyed.

- Retro Helplessness -> Will We Go Out Together
- Hello, Will You Be My Sheep? [premiere]
- Pablo
- Nimland -> 25% More Monster
- Member of the Real -> Send Me Up -> This Ladybug
- Level 1
- Science

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