Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hypercube, Hyperpyramid, and ctwa 10

Hypercube made its public debut as a three-piece at Hurley's tonight to a typically tiny coffee house audience, and it was way fun!

Hypercube at Hurley's:

• So Unlikely
• Molly
• Penelope / Liquid Gravity

After Parts Unknown played (and did a fine job), since there was nobody else scheduled, Eric and I (Joel had left) named ourselves Hyperpyramid and made our own little psychedelic nerd jam! I thought it was a cool little jam, and we had fun. The few people who were there did not all get up and leave.

I played two sets of Nodal Nim on CTWA tonight. I thought they were somewhat above average for me. Scott was here and colored!


• Coloring Time with Andrew
• Buzzelling -> Javelin Head
• I Am Systems
• Docky Docky
• Receptors & Peptides -> Member of the Real
• Maroon Dots


• 25% More Monster -> E Blue Apparatus
• Supersane
• Numbers Make More Numbers [requested by Scott] -> Rodeo Clock
• Robots: The Card Game
• Will We Go Out Together? [also requested by Scott]
• Vegetables You've Never Heard Of

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