Thursday, April 7, 2005

hurley's & ctwa8

Recovering from a cold, I was finally able to Nim today. I practiced a bunch and wrote two songs: Rules to Stone Game and 25% More Monster! I debuted the latter at Hurley's!

And speaking of Hurleys, here's the set list of the evening:

• Supersane -> Rockin' Out -> Eat Lots of Apples
• 25% More Monster [premiere]
• Science

I decided, since Coloring Time went extra well tonight, in my opinion, that I'd include the whole playlist, not just the Nodal Nim set. As usual, all Nodal Nim songs listed were performed live by me.


Nodal Nim
• Numbers Make More Numbers -> Coloring Time with Andrew
• Pablo
• Retro Helplessness -> Rodeo Clock
• Superman Has Friends
• 25% More Monster
Dismemberment Plan
• A Life Of Possibilities
• Turn You Inside Out
• Finest Worksong [requested by B.J.]
Danny Allen
• Scattergun
Elvis Costello
• Chelsea
Captain Beefheart
• The Sheriff of Hong Kong
Edgard Varése
• Ecuatorial


Nodal Nim
• The Slippery Toad -> Wow
• I Am Systems [requested by Scott]
• Stripes
• Member of the Real
• Unison [requested by Scott]
Tears For Fears
• Head Over Heals
Depeche Mode
• I Feel You
Cecil Taylor
• Air
Tom Waits
• Table Top Joe
Flaming Lips
• Halloween on the Barbary Coast
Neutral Milk Hotel
• Three Peaches
Peter Blasser
• The Longhouse Dance
Patti Smith
• Redondo Beach

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