Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Andrew Heathwaite: Vaporization

I always forget to mention music things in my life other than Nodal Nim. Tonight, I'm remembering. Today (technically yesterday), there was a concert of pieces created by students in "Advanced Electronic Composition," which is a class here at Crane that I am in. I was really into electronic composition as a means of exploring microtonality for a while, but now that I've been working in the Crane midi lab, which is not easily microtunable, I've been relatively uninspired. My main focus has been most definitely Nodal Nim.

Anyway, I had a piece played at this little concert called Vaporization. I must admit that it's in the boring old 12tET. I started with a recording that I made and liked, and tried to add other movements. None of my movements seemed to work, until last night (technically two nights ago), when I latched one onto the end of the first recording, with a little crossfade, making two movements one. It turned out that the pieces complimented each other well, and I wound up being happy with my new piece. That's nice!

My internet is down, which is preventing me from uploading my eComp piece. I'll get around to it eventually, I think, and then I'll post about it. I have two eComp pieces from last semester I can get up to snuff and add there, too, at some point. There's another yet to be written, which I think I will write for electronic tape, mandolin, and perhaps voice. I'm considering making it Nodal Nim with tape. Seems like fun!

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