Saturday, April 16, 2005

Nodal Nim plays YAG Birthday Bash!

Nodal Nim entertained at the YAG Birthday Bash today, hiding in a dark closet until announced, and then running out and going, "Happy Birthday, YAG!" It's not that it's YAG's birthday; we have a tradition of throwing a party one day of the semester to celebrate all the students' birthdays all at once. I was delighted to play some songs for an audience of real children! We had a way cool time!

Oh yeah, and I got my YAGly friends Nick, Teo, and Dave to play some songs along with me! They were a great little thrown-together band, and I'd love to play with them again sometime!

Ok, so here are the sets:

Nodal Nim

• Maroon Dots
• Raisins -> 25% More Monster
• Pablo [requested by Mary]
• Somebody's Birthday Round [premiere]
• This Ladybug
• Wow
• Alan the Duck
• For Play
• Maroon Dots [requested by Tim]
• Will We Go Out Together [requested by Dave]
• E Blue Apparatus [requested by Nick]

Nodal Nim and the Somethings

• Rockin' Out
• Science
• I Am Systems
• Deposit One Tangelo -> Vegetables You've Never Heard Of

Veggies was really long and crazy, and almost every body in the room was dancing deliriously after a while! We signed some autographs after the show, and I sold some CDs, and it was just charming! Mary thinks I could do really well playing for kids, be the next Raffi or something. I don't know yet, but I find that I'm inspired. It was wonderful and fun!

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