Thursday, May 5, 2005

ctwa 11 - too many E strings!

I have four E strings on my mandolin right now. This is not a good idea. Mandolins should only have two. The extra two E strings are filling in for the A strings that should be there, but have broken so many times that I've run out and tried to use E's as subsititutes. Bad idea!

Anyway, I tried to play a couple Nim sets on the radio tonight, but was miserably out of tune and had to stop. Here's what I eked out before surrendering to fate:

• Coloring Time with Andrew -> Nimland
• Bodymind -> 25% More Monster

• Science -> Member of the Real

Member of the Real is a tribute to Jandek, so it seemed fitting to play it on a mandolin that couldn't stay in tune to save its life... that doesn't even want to be in tune -- that wants nothing less than to be in tune! I think Jandek would appreciate the rendition.

I ordered new strings a half an hour ago, rush delivery, so my mandolin will get the first aid it desperately needs, and I will suck considerably less, I anticipate. We can hope!

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