Thursday, April 14, 2005

hurley's competition and ctwa 9

Hello friends,

It was a good Thursday, I think. All the solo headliners from this semester competed at Hurley's tonight for cash prizes. It was a lot of fun, and it was cool to have a bunch of really good musicians playing there on one night. Chris called me during Coloring Time to let me know that I didn't place. I forgot to ask who did. I have faith that they were awesome, because there were a lot of greats there. Here would be my preference:

1. Kevin Irwin
2. Doug Campbell
3. Bryan Poole-DeSalvo

I don't know if it went anything like that. Carmen G. is awesome, too, so I wouldn't mind if she won one of the spots, too. I'm not really disappointed about not placing, because I think I played really well anyway, and I never expect to woo a whole audience. People usually love me or hate me, and I guess this particular audience was leaning more toward the latter, at least relative to the other musicians. People who really get Nodal Nim are not your average Joes and Janes. I would have enjoyed the $100 first prize (was gonna buy a real web site, maybe!), but I don't mind losing.

Here was my Hurley's set list:

• Let Me In Your Hole
• Wow -> Nimland
• 25% More Monster -> Vegetables You've Never Heard Of

And here was my Coloring Time set list:

• Coloring Time with Andrew -> A Parade, Yes. -> For Play
• Maroon Dots
• -> Sun Flies
• Rat's Noon Star -> Rules to Stone Game -> Stripes


Now I go to read and sleep. I have to recommend this book that I'm borrowing from my girlfriend Tiffany: Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins. Very clever and good! It simultaneously makes me want to write a novel myself and never ever write a novel myself, because I could never be that awesome! Wonderful!

Love to all,

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