Saturday, January 1, 2005

Happy New Year!

I had a great time at Leanne's house last night and today, playing games and singing songs. I did a Nodal Nim set, and here is the set list:

• Freebird [requested by various]
• Science
• E Blue Apparatus [requested by Nick Borden]
• I Am Systems
• Deposit One Tangelo [requested by Dave Shaver] -> Alan the Duck [requested by Teo Acosta]
• Buzzelling -> The Slippery Toad
• Let Me In Your Hole [requested by Leanne Mercadante]
• Receptors & Peptides [premiere]
• Superman Has Friends -> Vegetables You've Never Heard Of [audience participation]

Someone requested Freebird, and I improvised a song that went something like, "Free birdy birdy birdy birdy free, oh birdy..." That's what I do when I get Freebird requests. Jerehme Bamberger and Dave Shaver sang vegetable verses, and a whole bunch of people improvised "la la's" and so on. Somebody video taped the first few songs. I broke both of my D strings.

Dave Shaver played after midnight, and it was lovely. I joined him for Wonderful Tonight and Sullivan Street. Then, we all played Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot.

I'm going to be looking for performance opportunities now that I have a mandolin. This Wednesday, I'm probably going to play at an open mic I just found out about downtown, and two Wednesdays from now, I'm probably going to play live at the WRPI studio. When those things become certain, I'm going to give certain details.

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