Monday, January 31, 2005

Coloring Time with Andrew - a new and final semester

I've been doing Coloring Time with Andrew (my fun-tastic college radio show) for a number of years now. Since I'm probably going to be graduating in May, I'm realizing that this will be my last semester of Coloring Time. I'm planning on making it a good one!

First of all, I got a new time slot. Last semester, it was Friday from 10 to midnight, and although that was usually convenient for me, it wasn't the best time to get radio listeners. This semester, it's Thursday night from 10 to midnight, and I think that will be better!

Second, and most excitingly, I've decided to do regular Nodal Nim radio performances as part of Coloring Time! I'm going to improvise alternative versions, premiere new songs, take requests, and generally make a Nimly time of it!

So I stayed up somewhat late into the morning last night assembling a new poster that emphasizes the new Nodal Nim connection. I provided a link to the Nodal Nim website (which can now be abbreviated as, and just a minute ago I added a CTWA section to Nimland. So I'm finding new ways to connect areas of my life.

I'm planning to do as much open mic as possible, which is earlier in the evening on Thursday, providing me an opportunity to plug my show then.

I'm excited by this!

Just my little narcissistic crusade against the apathy of Potsdam.


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