Sunday, January 16, 2005


I played Nodal Nim tonight at Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary from 9-11. It was packed! We had a ton of fun! It was such a rush! I couldn't believe how cool it was! I could do that every night. I'm exhausted, though, let me tell ya...

This is the best that Teo, Dave, and I could reassemble my set list. If anybody reading this remembers anything differently, let me know, because there are probably some mistakes.

Act I

• Maroon Dots -> Shirt Thane
• A Parade, Yes. -> Receptors & Peptides
• Retro Helplessness
• I Am Systems
• Daisy Ran Train -> Supersane
• Nobody Knows -> Javelin Head -> Rodeo Clock
• You've Got Your Own Life
• The Slippery Toad
• Alan the Duck [requested by Teo and Kevin]
• Crash Tinkle Tinkle -> Lapse Into Memory
• Will We Go Out Together?
• Love Song 1 [first performance in a long time]
• Acrobasebombball -> E Blue Apparatus [requested by Nick]
• Vegetables You've Never Heard Of

Act II

• Deposit One Tangelo [requested by Teo and Dave]
• Superman Has Friends -> Juiceman
• Princessdom
• Clusterbomb [premiere]
• Raisins -> Buzzelling
• Crescent Moon
• Magazine Chubbies
• Boxing Day Feast [first performance in a long time]
• Robots: The Card Game 1 [requested by Kevin]
• Send Me Up -> Science
• Crabnors -> Eat Lots Of Apples
• Rockin' Out
• Wow -> This Ladybug
• Let Me In Your Hole
• Present Tense


• I Am Systems ["remix"]

Fun things that happened:

• I forgot my microphone stand at home, so I had to rig something up. It was amazing that I had something I could use.
• People danced at bizarre times: during You've Got Your Own Life and Let Me In Your Hole.
• For Boxing Day Feast, I taped the lyrics of the song to the wall so I could read them. They fell once, and a friend of Kevin's picked them up for me and stuck them back up there.
• I absolutely did NOT remember how to play Robots: The Card Game, but just for fun, I did my best. It wasn't exactly right, but it passed, and it was funny.
• The audience participated in the I Am Systems "remix" by rapping and beatboxing and so on.
• "I am systems all up in your grill."

It was truly crazy in every way that something can be crazy. Thank you to everybody who came! Thanks especially to Kevin Marshall, who recruited a bunch of his friends for the audience. He says his friends had a good time. Special thanks to Teo Acosta for the use of his keyboard amp as a PA. It sounded excellent.

The guy working there told me that, since I attracted so many people (he seemed genuinely surprised at the turn-out), we could arrange sometime for a more official show, with a cover-charge of like $4 a head. Over the summer, I may try to arrange something else, on a larger scale. Kevin is excited to help with that.

Next Sunday, I'm going back to Potsdam, where I plan to do as many shows as possible. I love this stuff!

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