Friday, December 31, 2004

Nim back in business

Northern Music FINALLY has returned my mando to me, and fixed.


It's been many months since I've played my own mando, and a number of weeks since I played any mando at all. I was rusty, but things came back to me right away. I realized at some point recently that I haven't recorded Supersane yet, and I was delighted to find today that it was as easy to remember as anything. I may have a new song called "Receptors and Peptides". I'll have to see tomorrow if I still like it.

And speaking of tomorrow (actually today, 12/31/04), at my friend Leanne's New Year's party, I'm going to play a set of Nodal Nim. I'm very excited! I guess I'm going to shoot for a 20-30 minute set list, but I'll be flexible as I go. Dave says there may be some people there we don't know, which is exciting, because I do enjoy playing Nim songs for the uninitiated. The initiated are fun, too, of course, and I'm expecting big interaction during Vegetables You've Never Heard Of. Super grand!

Also, Dave is going to play, and we're going to play together! It will be wow!

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