Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Subterranean OM 3

George and I playd som songs, this time with som frendlys with us. Ther wer som tec trubls with George, but hopefuly he'l be bak again soon anyway. My set was sort of awkwrd, but it went somthing like this:

.. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of [with Jeffrey, th hous drumr]
.. fly this kite
.. how to ferment th colon [debu]

Th first went wel and seemd to be wel-liked by th nine or so peple left at th place at 1:20 am. Th secnd was awkward aftr th first, but I hadn't playd it in a wile, so I thot wat th hey. Th third was a chalenj. I remembrd about 3/4 of th words, wich isn't bad, considrng how many ther ar. I hope to play it again soon somwher els and get al of them.

I aplyd for a job. I need to do mor stuf of that natur, but it wil require me to wake up befor 3 pm, wich isn't always esy. So far, I havn't spent any mony today.

I lisnd to acts I and II out of III of Lohengrin, an opera by Richard Wagner recently. At first, I wasn't too thrild by it, but it got lots of fun. Tiffany and I myt lisn to act III togethr rathr soon. Opera is neat.

I need a showr badly, as I'm sure th peple near me in this library wil atest to, if u ask them.

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