Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hotti Biscotti OM 5

I wuld like u to no that last week I playd som songs at Hotti Biscotti for opn mic funtimes. Th first 2 songs wer requestd by Becky, who kindly visitd with her frend-of-ambiguous-title Russell.

.. send me up [request] > sience [request]
.. hail Discordia [debu]
.. drone
.. glockenspiels [debu]

Th latr song steals from th last 3 anagrams in th post preceedng this one. I recently recordd it along with 'how to ferment th colon'. I hope to hav a new mini-CD recordd in a week or so.

And speakng of a week or so, it seems quite likely that I'l be abl to WORK next week, in my FIELD, using my DEGREE! If al gos wel, I'l be SUBSTITUTE TEACHING on MONDAY!

This is good. I hav bils to pay and a bike to get repaird. And Xmas gifts to obtain.

I rote a cute litl blasfemus song for th holidays that I don't dare perform in public. I sang it for George and he was at least somwat "horrified". I don't hav th guts to actuly complete my "Athiest Xmas Album," but I stil think it's a good idea and I like to imajin peple's horifid faces if I wer to.

I wil, howevr, at som point, create a long chaotic CD work (most probly dedicated to Eris, godess of strife and discord [hail Eris]) cald Norbert Goes To The Zoo. (Or Norbrt gos to th Zoo.) It wil hav special gests and lots of inspiring storys.

Oulipian riting tecniqes continu to thril me; I hav an idea for an epic poem/novl about som sort of dreamy adventur ritn by alternating between paragrafs LARDING and SLENDERIZING. Larding is adng new stuf to an existng thing (for this project, adng one word between evry word in the preceedng paragraf to create a new paragraf). Slenderizing is removing stuff from an existng thing (in this case, deleting letrs from a preceedng paragraf to create a new paragraf). I think it wud be oodls of fun al around.

These ar my plans and unplans.

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