Monday, November 6, 2006

helo from me to yr colon

Anothr week passes. How stranj. I hope al ar wel in th world. I apolojize again for misd birthdays. I am bad that way, quite.

I didn't miss George's, tho. He is nearby and good at reminding me. I bot him yumy scoch and Tiffany made him a cake.

Stil no job, and no syn of one on th horizon. I'm SUPOSED to be receving a fone cal telng me that my fingrprints hav ben procesd and I can continu workng toward substitute teachng. I was SUPOSED to sevrl days ago, I think. I'm waitng. I shud cal, tho.

Tiffany dosn't hav intrnet in her apartmnt ryt now, and I can't bring files to th library (my secnd intrnet sorce). Ther's a job I wantd to aply for last week that required me to email my resume. It was my intention to do so, but so far, it has proved not posbl.

I am getng mor frustrated and mor poor evry secnd. I continu to be lazy about things. I am not acomplishng much.


Tonyt, George and I intend to return to Sub-T, as they cal it, and play som new tunes. He may debu 1 or 2 or 0 songs; I'm not sure how many. I plan to debu one. It is a song curently entitled "how to ferment the colon". Th lyrics ar not curently in cut spelng. They wer derived from words I had taped to my wal for th construction of poems. I rote two poems almost entirely unconsiusly, then combined them and rote singngs. I want to typ th lyrics here for u to se. I think if I typ them out again it wil help me in remembrng later.


some shiny rib just happened by
only two could spider fool her
she fly them thick through missile cow
out splendor hand up sparrow cave man

vivid hole I like your see moon
more me is than love way layerly
into the smile three over look at
device will cut me and oldy have could

how to ferment the colon
stuck on silver bird juice
fancy asperagus Chicagoizing the immediate cheese fish
what town what with magnify shed?
song of know word golden rope was separating
when is force shoe done;

with onion goatish llama nose down
I marry dragon diamond fish wing
sugar stripes you are you flow are
atom city universe grass wall

by melting ox ray is not steer did
more your head frame he but knee noise
trust no arrow ear cook the clay wind
sun over leaf we rain box be you

where will net sock tie down do knee
I ate blow cabaret; original microdynamic Nim pi
sharp meander cover been
Nodal drum of sword wave
etch deity number whom matter mandolin hand flail
send note?
disilluminate backgammon clock
malsmoke ungiraffe choke combat shaman
lob clumpology religion whence go anti myth
have her fraying candy?
his gorged dined a threshold be hers
he Troys Jason Martinly

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Anonymous said...

that is the favorite thing of myself that i have done readings of in times of length.