Friday, September 29, 2006

Hotti Biscotti OM 1

This past wensday, th 27th o' septembr, George and I returnd to a bar we always seem to like for som inexplicbl reasn cald Hotti Biscotti. This time, it was for th opn mic. Finaly, a group of peple who seem to enjoy my music! It felt so marvlus, durng th quiet parts of my song, to hear th sound of a room actuly lisnng to me! Ther wern't many peple ther, maybe a dozn (a slo nyt, I was told), but they wer good peple. On our way out, folks talkd to us, introduced themselvs, and told us they liked it. Th one womn in th place said "We like yr animl songs," and I said, "O, thank u, I'v got lots mor!" She said she has a frend with a song about a bumblbe, and I said I'v got a song about a moth and a song about a ladybug, but at present, no bumblbe.

My litl set:

.. e blu apratus
.. 5 songs of fish
.. chupacabra
.. cal it Home

George and I intend to return.


I'v had a weird week of sleep. Last nyt, visitng Tiffany, I cudn't sleep until aftr she and Jordan had gotn up at 7:00 AM this mornng to leve for scool. I'm prety sur I slept wel aftr 7, tho. Now it's 10, and th dog woke me up with barkng. I havn't figurd out wat I'm doing yet, but I wantd to post about Hotti Biscotti befor I forgot. It's temptng to go bak to sleep, but I may try to stay up and get som stuf don.

Chicago continus to be decent. I pikd up som paperwork for teachng yestrday, as wel as thre new teas (including my first Lapsang Souchong not from th Daily Grind). I had good moments with th trains and buses.

I may try to rite songs today (I'v had som sucess with that lately), paticulrly som 'stelr songs,' my incomplete musicl ovrview of th birth & deth of stars. I cud also do som aly serchs for couchs (on bike) and read (The Tao of Physics, a great litl book I found at th exlnt Myopic Books in my neibrhood for $2.95). Wile I'm at th computer, ther ar som things I cud reserch, like furnitur on Craigslist and how one becoms a DJ on one of th fabulus colej-based radio stations in Chicago (we hav at least four of them, but perhaps only thre that George and I can get at our location). I cud make myself rite constraind poems. . . . And of corse, now that I'v got mor paperwork for teachng, I cud work on that today, as wel. It's only thre pajes (one of wich I need to send to Potsdam).

And it's suny today! Maybe I'l play som mando on th street!

(Soonr or later, I'm going to by a rak/basket for my bike so that I can cary my mando on it without caryng it on my bak. I'v ben putng off spendng th mony.)

Those ar th kinds of sily things I can pondr this paticulr friday morn.

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