Tuesday, September 5, 2006

new house

George and I movd in last friday, and we'v ben slowly making our place on N Wood st feel mor and mor like a home. We like it ther. Our furnitur at this point consists of two air matreses (one brot from Troy by each of us) and thre chairs: a beach chair (that George brot), a simpl old woodn chair (wich I found in an aly on satrday), and a roly desk chair (wich I found in anothr aly on sunday). Yestrday was monday, labr day, and I didn't find any chairs. Once we get ourselvs a couch, som end tabls, bookshelvs, CD shelvs, and dresrs, things may start to feel ordrly.

Today, u'd find me bak at Tiffany's apartmnt playng with her intrnet wile she's out and George out in our neibrhood lookng for a barista job in a cafe. I think he's lookng for a place that's like th Daily Grind but not. As for me, I havn't figurd out wat I'm doing for a job yet at al. Th lengthy process for becomng a Chicago substitute teachr intimidates me. I gess I want to do it, but it wil take a long long time, and durng that time, it seems likely I'd run out of mony fast. So I wondr about a job "in th meantime". Of corse, th Daily Grind was suposd to be "in th meantime" for me in Troy . . .

Maybe I cud wait tables. I hav experience.

I got prety frustrated last nyt walkng around West Town, my greatr neibrhood, lookng at peple and places. I kept thinkng things like, "I feel like a space alien. Wat am I doing in th Midwest? Wher ar th peple that ar like me? Wy dos evryone here look so norml and cliche? This is a city, dosn't that mean peple shud be intrestng and difrent? Sho me th weirdos! Wud any of these peple undrstand me or giv a crap if I startd talkng to them? Wud any of them hav anything intrestng to say to me? How com nobody cares wen I play at opn mics? Wil anybody in this city get me? Wher is my 'crowd'?"

And so on.

I gess I think that evrywher I go. Potsdam was prety awful for that. U'd think I'd be used to being an outsider by now. I hope I meet up with som weirdos soon.

Also, I'm not a very good juj of peple. I'm lookng at folks on th street and making obnoxius asumptions about them. Who nos wat these peple ar realy al about wen u get to no them.

Ther's an experimentl jaz band playng tonyt at Hotti Biscotti, a bar I like on Fullerton av. Maybe I'l go. As always, if I don't go out, I'l nevr get a chance to meet somone.

Aftr grumblng about for a wile last nyt, I came here to Tiffany's house, and that was nice. I'm glad she's here. I gess that's th hole point of this mov.

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good luck in Chi-Town..