Friday, September 15, 2006

earwax bike grind demo flesh PAIN

In Chicago, I continu to exist, as dos George, as do Tiffany and Jordan and Sparky and Vega and varius rodents (th hamstr: Snowflake; th mice: Cho, Fatty Nine-toes, and, um, anothr mouse whos name I forget).

(Those ar Tiffany and Jordan's pets, not mine -- George and I stil don't evn hav a couch.)

But th latest news is that George got a job yestrday! He's workng at a hip litl joint cald Earwax Cafe, wich not only acts as a restrant and cofee shop, but also a video rentl place. Yestrday, he was hired and workd his first shift, and today he works his secnd. Yay!

He's gona make me look bad, tho, as I continu to sleep in 'til 3 PM and do nothng al day.

Altho I do hav a plan of action for getng a job now. I sent a request for my academic transcript, wich I can use to easyly obtain a substitute teachng certificat that's good for 90 days. I'v also ben told that ther's a shortaj of music teachrs in Chicago, paticulrly at th elementry levl. So once I'm in th systm, I myt not hav much trubl getng employd doing wat I [probly] lov.

I'v ben in no hury, tho.

Also exiting: I got a bike! O, it's so neat! It's a rasbery-colord vintaj Schwinn in quite good shape. I got a nice new [expensiv] lok for it, so I'v ben riding it around town as I do my erands (som of wich I invent just for an excuse to ride). It has reflectrs and lyts hookd up to a jenratr, and this neat mechnism that alows it to coast like twice as long as othr bikes (good for lazy, unalthletic me). It just needs a rak with a nice deep basket for my mandolin, and then I am al set!

In music news, George recently freed som live Nim audio from his computer: my secnd set at th Daily Grind gig I shared with him. He had recordd his own set and acidently left th "tape" runng. It's not th hyest quality thing, but neithr was Nodal Nim at Hurley's. In fact, it may hav ben one of th best gigs I playd, and I'm luky to hav it now. I havn't decided wethr I'l start selng it, but I'm sur I wil stop selng Hurley's, wich is prety inferior to just about anything I cud record now.

Wat I wil sel, for now at least, is an 8-song CD cald "a wee mix, a demo", wich servs as a cheap samplr of wat I do for "fans" and for bookng peple. Wen I start lookng for gigs, this is wat I wil giv store ownrs. So far, ther's only one place I'v seen that I'v actuly wantd to play at, and th last time I was ther, th ownr wasn't in. So they sit in my mando bag, waitng. . . .

Th trak list:

NODAL NIM - a wee mix, a demo.
all songs by Nodal Nim

1 .. th posm [words: J. Coolidge, previusly relesed on mini-CD]
2 .. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of [live at th Grind, previusly unrelesed]
3 .. lov song 5 [accordion: Nathan Stodola]
4 .. Maroon Dots [also live at th Grind, previusly unrelesed]
5 .. 25% mor monstr [also with Nathan]
6 .. hulo, wil u be my Sheep? [djembe: Dave Shaver; previusly in a NNRS episode]
7 .. jingl jingl [a new and very sily song providing contact info for bookng peple]
8 .. e blu apratus [e.gtr: Nick Borden; e.bass: Oliver Mehner; keys: Teo Acosta; also previusly in a NNRS episode]
special thanks: George Fero [for providing files and helpng with recordng and mixng.]

And, perhaps mor exitingly, I finishd mixng THRESHOLD OF PAIN's secnd albm, entitled rotng flesh, and wil soon be mailng out copys to th thre othr curent membrs of said band. For those who don't no, THRESHOLD OF PAIN is a colabration between Amy th Flaherty, Scotthew th Marshall, and that wich one dos cal "Lucretia" from time to time. (Our first albm was without th Marshall, and containd th Borden of Nick as special gest. Our line-up is kind of flexbl.)

Rotng flesh contains 19 briliant songs, evokes myriad uncomfortbl emotions, and chalenjs th patience of evryone evrywher. Most peple arn't redy for this. I no I'm not.

George apears to be our bigest fan! Yay George!

Let's se, wat els. . . ther's a world music festvl going on this week and next, and I'm plang to go to se lots of fre mind-blowng stuf from al ovr. (It's good to be unemployd!) Today, I wil probly chek out -- wel, I don't no yet. Today is up in th air. It's miraculus, by th way, that I'm awake now. Usualy, I sleep for many, many mor ours than this. I wil desire cofee to maintain this state.

Shiva is awsom. So is Ra and Charon. I was thinkng last nyt about how I want to create my own mythology (wat fun!), and then remembrd that I alredy startd to (se th Rocket Ship Reader). I'd like to get bak to that somtime. . . .


Time to start th day. Best lov to al folks,


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