Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nim on Milwaukee av

Inspired by th syt of a felo sitng on th sidewalk of W Milwaukee av in th Wicker Park neibrhood, playng banjo and didgeridoo at th same time, I set out one monday ago (two days ago, on septembr 25) to play Nim near that very spot and se wat coms of it.

I didn't play a long set, but I enjoyd it mor. I made $3 this time!

.. stelr nursery
.. Deenmark
.. lov song 5
.. vejtbls u'v nevr herd of
.. 2G's
.. e blu apratus
.. cal it Home > hulo, wil u be my Sheep? [special gest: Fred]

Ryt as I startd 'cal it Home', a jentlmn named Fred hapnd along and decided to join in. His instrumnt of choice: a trafic cone, thru wich he voclized, by wich I mean he seemd to be speakng in tongs. We playd a litl duet togethr. His styl seemd to alienate folks; I didn't make any dolrs during this part of th sho. He seemd to be havng a mysterius dialog (or trialog) with himself.

Out litl duet came to an end wen two police oficrs on bikes startd circlng us on th sidewalk. We stopd and talkd to them. They askd our names and wat we wer doing, and I thot for sure they'd tel us to go home or that we needd to get a street performr permit. But they just introduced themselvs and wound up chatng away with this felo named Fred about his tatoos, and prety soon they left. It seemd like a triky litl way to get us to stop without being a-holes about it. I felt prety weirdd out by it.

Fred's frends wandrd by, and I met his frend Michael and som othr folks. Fred and Michael invited me to play music with them somtime, and I make it a policy nevr to resist a weird music experience. I gave them CDs and my fone numbr, so perhaps I wil do som jamng with Fred and Michael.


I'v not ben doing to much to promote my music lately. Tonyt, howevr, George and I plan to hed to Hotti Biscotti, a great litl dive bar on th west side, to chek out their opn mic. And that reminds me that I hav an email adress in my walet of a gy who dos bookng at a great club near our neibrhood. I think I'm going to start lookng for "shos" by oferng my services as filr between bands. Aftr al, Nodal Nim is realy easy to set up, and I can play a set of prety much any length. Wile I'm here at a computr (at Tiffany's apartmnt), I'l drop that gy a mesaj.

Becky came to visit from Beloit, Wisconsin this past weekend, and we had plenty o' fun. Her frend Russell came by a cupl times, and Tiffany and Jordan met us for dinr once. We mostly hung around th apartmnt. It was nice to finaly hav gests.

I may hav ritn som songs, but I'm not sure. I'l let u no wen I figur it out.

I'm planng to start th certification process today for teachng and/or substitute teachng. I hav my resume, I hav my academic transcript, and I hav directions to th ofice. First I hav to get off my botm and ride my bike south. I'v ben prety darn lazy this week, and I think I need to chanj that.

Much lov,

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