Sunday, December 4, 2005

Victorian Stroll!

Rob Guerin, Maurizio, and I frickin' rocked the Illium today! We jammed out from noon to five (with little breaks here and there), playing Maurizio's songs, my songs, bluegrass jams, and a few classic holiday songs. It was completely packed in there the whole day through, because Victorian Stroll suddenly makes Troy into the most bustling city around. It's really weird that way.

After our five-hour Illium show, we got invited to play at a tiny bar in Little Italy. We got there and set up, but there was some confusion, since there was no audience whatsoever. We played three songs, and the guy that booked us, Rocko DeFazio, let us grab some free food at Flavour Cafe across the street. I had a grilled cheese.

We made some money and had a great time. We'll probably do another show together sometime soon. All in all, it was a successful day.

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