Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Coffee Planet OM 5

I played two sets at Coffee Planet. The first consisted only of songs that I hadn't ever played at Coffee Planet and one premiere of a strange little improvisational ditty I came up with on the car ride over.

.. acrobasebombball > rules to Stone Game
.. troglodyte
.. Dave
.. I got raps [premiere]
.. e blue apparatus

My second set:

.. will we go out together? [request] > bodymind > 25% more monster

Dave and I jammed with a fella named Eric, who we had jammed with last week as well. Then, I zipped over to the Illium and did some jamming with a bunch of fellas over there. I think I've been getting better at playing "normal" music on the mandolin through these jams. It's helping me become more capable on the instrument in different contexts.

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