Friday, December 30, 2005

7-line poetry

I am working on a many-faceted collaborative internet-based project right now that will draw on and expand the mythos of Nodal Nim's Rocket Ship. Folks interested in participating in that will be welcome, once it is up and running. For now, I will be delighted to accept a certain kind of submission, a 7-line poem!

A 7-line poem is any poem that follows the following two rules:

1. There are 7 lines.
2. Each line contains a different number of syllables from 1 to 7.

The syllables can appear in any order. The sequence of syllables is the "form" of the poem. There are 5040 possible forms. I'd like to eventually have a poem to represent every one of them.

Here are some examples:


in Tentacula
for humans
(experimental or
more regular)
generally consists of
sand fruit

Nodal Nim



This guy says he likes it.
Parked cars,
discount shoe stores
in a tourist town
closed up for the winter months
just like that.

Becky Dewing



Gallbladders are useful
but quite unnecessary
they filter stuff
in books they are green
why is that?

Kate Pressman


Your 7-line poem submissions, through email, myspace message or comment, or blog comment, are welcome and encouraged! Send 'em my way, friends!

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