Sunday, March 27, 2005


I've been filling my Nodal Nim myspace profile with lots of interesting people from all over, and having conversations with some who have heard my music. Here is one little conversation that I obviously had some fun with:


i love your vegetable song. its made me think a lot. about vegetables i've never heard of before. i think i will do a google search and learn some more about greens.
thanking you for the inspiration, ro. xxxx


Hi Ro,

Thanks for the appreciation! Vegetables are delicious. I especially love frying them up in peanut sauce and rosemary, basil, and thyme, and maybe some honey. Best with onions. Maybe I need a song about onions, too. Are onions a vegetable? Even if they are, they deserve their own song. I'm not sure what your opinion is on raisins, but I have a song about them, also. They're good in yogurt.

Thanks for the kind note. I'm glad you were inspired. It makes me happy. Best of luck with all things!

Andrew (Nodal Nim)

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