Thursday, March 3, 2005

Hurley's Open Mic = No!

Hurley's Open Mic has been cancelled for tonight, but Coloring Time with Andrew is a mos' def. Tune in to 90.3 fm the Way between 10 and midnight for coloring and mandolin fun cakes!

A guy told me today that he listens to CTWA regularly while he paints and really enjoys it! I've met this guy a few times, and consistently forgotten his name, but he's cool, and it totally rocks that he's a regular listener! He says it helps to keep him going when he's working late at night in the art studio. Yeah!

I also received a message from a girl who was at my Hurley's Feb. 17 show who said she really enjoyed it. She said that I am "awesome" and that my "square song is the man," referring to the song Wow, which I happened to start with a verse like, "Wow! The sidewalk is made of lots of squares, would you like some squares...?" etc! She also said, "all you're songs were great, and i think i want to marry you because of them," but then explained that she was "just playin (obviously)..."

Anyway, I think this constitutes "fan mail," and, as it is the first that I have received, that is very neat! Thanks, Lindsay!

Who doesn't like an ego rub from time to time? Especially on a Thursday!

I think I'm going to start producing CDs of the Hurley's show tonight, while I've got some free time...


In other music news, I'm singing in my voice studio next week, and I'm rather frustrated by the challenges of the songs and switching between Nodal Nim and classical style. I turned down a gig on Wednesday for the extra practice time and so Nodal Nim habits don't carry into my singing. Eric (my accompanist) and I are going to have to put in some good rehearsal between now and then, but it will definitely be worth it!

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