Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Daily Grind!

An old coffee shop in Troy recently moved to a bigger location and started doing open mics on Thursdays! I went there tonight, and it was awesome! There was a lot of acoustic guitar stuff, and some of it was great, some stand-up comedy, some poetry readings, some blues, some far out world musicky kinds of stuff, some jammy stuff, lots of neat stuff! And me, I played some Nodal Nim, too. I was happy with how I played, and my stuff seemed to go over well, which makes me happy! After I played, throughout the night, I sold three of my new Nodal Nim at Hurley's CDs to some cool, appreciative people! Thanks for the support, you guys! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and when I come back for the summer, I hope I'll see you all there again!

My contact information is on the intro page to the website, but I'll give it here in case anybody is interested:

email: gtrpkt at yahoo dot com
AIM screen name: Nodal Nim
cell: (315)657-6839

My set list tonight:

• Let Me In Your Hole
• Raisins -> Wow
• Stripes

I've never been so excited by the prospect of moving back to Troy! Now I can't wait!


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