Saturday, November 6, 2004


I forgot to mention some stuff about the gig. It was the LONGEST gig I have yet played. It was one hour. The second longest was my gig at Hurley's two Thursdays ago. I started the show with xenharmonics for 15 minutes, so Nodal Nim was about 45 minutes. Prior to that, the longest Nim set I had done was probably a few summers ago at my brother Dave's place when I opened for him at his CD release party. I played 20 minutes that night.

Anyway, I left out a bunch of songs tonight that I could play but didn't have time for, suggesting I could fill at least 1.5 hours. My next goal will be two hours, which I think I will come to soon. Jen says I can do more Fields gigs and get 2 hours instead of 1. I will concentrate on bulking up my active song list with the suggested relearns below. I will continue writing new songs when I feel like it and performing at open mics on selected Tuesdays and Thursdays.


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