Thursday, November 11, 2004

new audio uploaded: October 21 Hurley's gig

It's insane how late it is on a Wesnesday night, but sometimes I have no control over myself. I uploaded all the decent Nim audio from my October 21 Hurley's gig to the SoundClick page. I omitted one song I played -- Magazine Chubbies -- because for some reason the mic cut out, and it sounded terrible as a result. The set list was as follows:

• Shirt Thane -> Frank
• Magazine Chubbies [no audio, due to technical problems]
• Sun Flies -> Juiceman
• Raisins [premiere]
• Javelin Head -> Crash Tinkle Tinkle [premiere] -> Lapse Into Memory
• E Blue Apparatus
• Wow [premiere] -> Science
• Nimland -> This Ladybug
• Vegetables You've Never Heard Of

Special thanks to Chris Roslund for engineering the gig and recording it. Also to Marina Potter for the use of her instrument (which I am continuing to use until my own mando returns from the shop) and the friends who came by that night to support me.

There. Now I can go to sleep.

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